Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights

A Review of the Anti-Terrorism Court Trial Procedure in Pakistan

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The Policy Brief on the Impact of Devolution on Legislative Reform relating to Law and Order in Pakistan

The Policy Brief on the Impact of Devolution on Legislative Reform relating to Law and Order in Pakistan has been prepared in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung, Pakistan. It analyzes the impact of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan on the legislative competence related to law and order. The dramatic decentralization of power […]

International Law Benchbook for The Judiciary In Pakistan

This publication examines the engagement of Pakistan’s domestic courts with public international law. Though the contents of the Benchbook are intended to be informative to all members of the judiciary, the superior judiciary is considered the primary audience because it exercises the most expansive jurisdiction over those issues that involve questions of international law. The first […]

International Humanitarian Law on Cyberwarfare and Pakistan’s Legal Framework

Simply put, cyberwarfare is when States or other actors use offensive or defensive means against each other in the cyberspace. As it is an activity that is not bound by geographical limitations, it becomes the subject of international law in general. Moreover, where such hostile activity rises to the level of an ‘attack’ it is […]

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3rd Provincial Judicial Conference

The Sindh High Court and Judicial Academy in partnership with RSIL, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the US Department of Justice, and the Legal Aid Society, organized the 3rd Sindh Provincial Judicial Conference, 2018 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi on Saturday 13th January 2018. The conference provided a platform for judges, lawyers and […]

3rd Workshop on International Humanitarian Law for the KP Judiciary

The event was a day long training of the KP judiciary at the KP Judicial Academy in Peshawar. The event had been organized by ICRC and RSIL team members delivered lectures on the Counter-Terrorism legal framework in Pakistan. A total number of 23 judges participated in the training- 16 male and 8 female judges. The […]

RSIL conducts a Legal Workshop for the International Community based in Pakistan

RSIL conducted a three-day legal workshop for the international community based in Pakistan from the 18th to 20th October at Serena Hotel. The purpose of this workshop was to provide diplomatic and expatriate staff working in Pakistan with a comprehensive introduction to the institutions, governance structure and legal system of Pakistan. The course provided training […]

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