RSIL annually hosts a fellowship program for a select group of advanced professionals from the public and private sector. For seven days, they engage in courses designed to deliver theoretical and practical knowledge on international law and its applications in Pakistan. The program examines the basic infrastructure of international law, including that of the United Nations and its subsidiaries. Participants are also educated on the relevance of international instruments and obligations related to topics such as law of the sea, human rights and intellectual property. Each teaching module includes case studies that further illustrate the relevant legal principles in Pakistan’s domestic law context.

The lecturers include both RSIL’s in-house legal experts as well as independent professionals long associated with RSIL and its Fellowship Program. These outside experts hail from academia, the government and the legal fraternity.

The objective of the Fellowship Program is to impart an appreciation for international law within the participating individuals and their associated institutions. This program is an integral portion of RSIL’s longstanding tradition of promoting the implementation of international legal commitments. It is hoped that a framework for facilitating Pakistan’s progress as a responsible member of the international community will develop with assistance from the network of graduates of the fellowship program.

For additional information on the Annual Fellowship Program, please contact: Ayasha Warsi at