The Research division of RSIL carries out research commissioned by stakeholders including the Government of Pakistan, statutory bodies, international, non-governmental and regional organizations.

RSIL’s research work primarily focuses on:

1. Drafting legislation that serves to domestically implement an international convention;
2. A compliance review of existing legislation and its compatibility with an international treaty or convention;
3. Monitoring of domestic law to determine continued compliance with an international instrument;
4. Interpretation of compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions; and
5. Rendering assistance in negotiations of bilateral and multilateral conventions.

The research division is further divided into specialized divisions such as counterterrorism and national security law, nuclear law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, trade & investment law, intellectual property law, environmental law etc.

Capacity Building
Training and capacity building are an integral part of the RSIL vision for enhancing the understanding and recognition of international law. Over time, RSIL has generated an expertise in cultivating the knowledge and skill set of its researchers as well as participating stakeholders.

Capacity building is comprised of a combination of informative and practical exercises designed to impart an in depth understanding of the nature and scope of international law. Participants enjoy training seminars and workshops that incorporate purely legal lectures with a heavy emphasis on critical analysis and the practical application of international law in Pakistan.