International Law Certification Course

Since 2005, RSIL has hosted an internship program for students and young professionals seeking greater knowledge about international law. Every year participants are invited to the RSIL premises to gain an in-depth understanding of both the basic framework of international law and those fields in which Pakistan places a particular interest.

RSIL endeavors to disseminate a more developed understanding of various aspects of international law within the legal fraternity. A better understanding of this law and its corresponding obligations will lead to improved domestic dialogue on these issues and by association, improved compliance globally.

The International Law Certification Course takes place each year within the summer months at RSIL’s premises in Islamabad.

Participants will be guided by RSIL’s experienced in-house teams as well as by seasoned practitioners. RSIL’s guest lecturers are renowned experts from all over the world and include: practicing lawyers, policymakers, retired judges, journalists, diplomats and academics. Participants are also encouraged to develop their skills through various exercises in writing and critical analysis. This certification course is designed to bridge the theoretical with the practical applications of international law and to provide participants with the background knowledge that will lead to further research and perhaps eventually a career in international law.

Our graduates often return to RSIL later on to take up a career in international law. Others, after having developed knowledge and passion for international law, join non-governmental organizations, international development organizations and the public sector to further their careers. Many graduates also use the information and skills acquired at RSIL to create their own writings for journals and newspapers alike.

For further information on the annual Islamabad International Law Certification Course, please contact: or visit our Facebook page.

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ILCC Timeline

  • ILCC 2012 Islamabad

  • ILCC 2013 Islamabad

  • ILCC 2013 Lahore

  • ILCC 2014 Islamabad

  • ILCC 2015 Lahore

  • ILCC 2015 Islamabad

  • ILCC 2016 Lahore

  • ILCC 2016 Islamabad

  • ILCC 2017 Islamabad