Police Compendium Launch Event

An event was held at the National Police Bureau in Islamabad on 10 November 2016 to mark the launch of publication entitled “Frequently Applied Police Laws & Criminal Procedures: An Abridged Compendium”. This manual was the result of a collaboration between the National Police Bureau, the Research Society of International Law and the International Committee for the Red Cross. Police Compendium

The Manual includes relevant police statistics, legal abbreviations and police procedure and all laws relevant to the Police and other law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. This includes Anti-terrorism laws, special laws, Constitution of Pakistan and the Rules of Business. Including FIR, investigation and trial procedures. Lastly, the manual contains specially prepared sections on the use of force by law enforcing agencies, preventive detention and human rights obligations. It is 327 pages long and contains 9 Chapters and 8 annexures.

The Manual has been made for the benefit of all Police Stations in Pakistan.

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