Recent Events

3rd Workshop on International Humanitarian Law for the KP Judiciary

The event was a day long training of the KP judiciary at the KP Judicial Academy in Peshawar. The event had been organized by ICRC and RSIL team members delivered lectures on the Counter-Terrorism legal framework in Pakistan. A total number of 23 judges participated in the training- 16 male and 8 female judges. The participants of the training were serving judges of the KP judiciary who deal with cases of anti-terrorism

The participants were welcomed by the Director General of the KPJA, Mr. Muhammad Masood Khan this was followed by an introductory note by the KPJA’s Senior Director Research and Publication, Mr. Sohail Sheraz Noor Sani.

Mr. Soofi delivered his lecture on Counter-Terrorism and Militancy in Pakistan, discussing the legal framework of Article 245 of the Constitution of Pakistan, under which armed forces may be deployed in aid of civil power. The session was very interactive and the participants were engaged in the discussion.

Mr. Oves Anwar also spoke on Counter-Terrorism and Militancy in Pakistan, and his lecture focused on explaining to the participants the different legal regimes applicable to terrorism and the different statutes that fall under each category within Pakistan’s domestic framework. He also discussed the legal challenges faced in counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan. The lecture was followed by a brief question and answer session.

Upon conclusion of the event the KPJA officials and Mr. Anwar handed out certificates to all the participants.

Video Lectures