RSIL is a vehicle for the promotion of international law research and capacity building, of scholarship and publication, of dedication and community. It seeks to maintain its role as a private sector, non-partisan, non-political international law think tank promoting awareness of international law.

The Society endeavors to improve the individual, institutional and cultural understanding of the sanctity of international legal commitments within the framework of an international legal community. Greater awareness of international law helps Pakistan remain compliant with its international commitments, thus solidifying its reputation as a responsible member of the international community.
RSIL prides itself on being an environment that fosters the development of comprehensive and creative international law analysis and discussion. It aims to cultivate not only an appreciation for the application of international law, but also a disciplined approach to the process of interpreting and applying international law.

The Society also seeks to develop an extensive network both within and beyond Pakistan of similar organizations that share its vision and dedication to this field. It has a responsibility to advance knowledge in a search for the best applications of international law through original inquiry and publication.
RSIL’s continuously developing team is the true heart of the organization. The team is comprised of a dedicated staff of accomplished researchers. Their dedication, perseverance and hard work promote RSIL and further the cause for the importance of international law both theoretically and practically in Pakistan.