Day 4 Of The Oral Hearings In The Jadhav Case

Mr. Khawar Qureshi QC began the proceedings by expressing his pleasure at the presence of Judge ad-hoc Jillani.He then stated that the second round of oral pleadings should be used to succinctly advance arguments relating to the first round, however, India did not reply to the arguments advanced by Pakistan in the first round of oral pleadings.

Day 3 Of The Oral Hearings In The Jadhav Case

Harish Salve began the 2nd round of oral arguments for India by stating that the counsel of Pakistan made a scathing attack on India as a State. He added that in maintaining the decorum of the Court, errors in India’s memorial ought to have been pointed out in the Counter-Memorial and reply that was filed by Pakistan.  Moreover, the demeanour and tone adopted by the Pakistani counsel did not show a sovereign State the respect that it deserves and India takes exception to such conduct.