Talk with Prosecutors on the Laws Relating to the Protection of Women

Ms. Minahil Khan, Senior Research Fellow RSIL, conducted a talk on the ‘Rights of Women under the Law in Pakistan’ for a group of enthusiastic female prosecutors working all over Pakistan at the Trial Advocacy Skills Workshop organized by the United States Department of Justice Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training on Tuesday,…

Is green the new black?

The US Presidential elections will be held in November 2020, but with party primaries around the corner, the Democrats are really feeling the heat. One candidate who stands out for her progressive and liberal approach is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is currently making headlines for her special Green deal which proposes an investment of $2 trillion to promote clean, green and renewable technology for the US military.

Drones, far as I can see

President Trump revoked an Obama-era requirement to report on civilian deaths outside areas of active hostilities. This requirement obliged the Director of National Intelligence to report annually on civilians killed by U.S. drone strikes outside official war zones. It was instituted by Obama in 2016 to ‘promote accountability and encourage the minimising of civilian casualties’.

Job Opportunity | RSIL

RSIL Job Opening: The Research Society of International Law, Pakistan (RSIL) invites applications for the positions of Junior Research Associate and Research Associates at its office in Islamabad and Lahore. Total Positions: 3 Designation: Research Associate/Junior Research Associate (Depending on experience) Job Location: Islamabad and Lahore Job Type: Full Time   Eligibility Criteria: Education: Minimum…

Day 3 Of The Oral Hearings In The Jadhav Case

Harish Salve began the 2nd round of oral arguments for India by stating that the counsel of Pakistan made a scathing attack on India as a State. He added that in maintaining the decorum of the Court, errors in India’s memorial ought to have been pointed out in the Counter-Memorial and reply that was filed by Pakistan.  Moreover, the demeanour and tone adopted by the Pakistani counsel did not show a sovereign State the respect that it deserves and India takes exception to such conduct.