Criminal Justice Reform – Delayed FIRs and Ineffective Witness Protection Programs

This article focuses on the role of Pakistan’s Criminal Justice System (CJS) with regards to establishing rule of law, with an emphasis on two oft-stated issues – delays in the registration of First Information Reports (FIRs), and poorly implemented witness protection programs. In addition to highlighting the causes and effects of the aforementioned issues, it also sheds light on the apparent failure of recent interventions that were made to mitigate these problems, before concluding with possible suggestions to resolve these issues.

Another Year After the Abrogation of Article 370

Another year has passed since India abrogated Article 370 and ended Jammu and Kashmir’s special autonomous status, turning it into an annexed and federally-controlled territory. Since then, the restless region has seen continued human rights violations, demographic changes, and a push to delimit the territory in order to allow Assembly elections to take place. India claims it is providing economic development and promoting democracy in Jammu and Kashmir when in fact it continues to breach international law. India’s attempt to show the valley as one where Kashmiris are finally reaping the dividends of peace is a smokescreen for a region where everything is far from normal. This article will analyse India’s actions in the past year and argue that despite Modi’s attempt to hide what is going on from the international stage, India’s continued clampdowns and authoritarianism in Jammu and Kashmir must not go unnoticed.