Mission and Mandate

The Research Society of International Law is a private sector research and policy institution based in Pakistan whose mission is to conduct research on the intersection between international law and the Pakistani legal context. Our organizational philosophy is based on the view that greater awareness of international law improves the development of a State’s domestic and foreign policies and helps Pakistan remain compliant with its international commitments, thus solidifying its reputation as a responsible member of the international community.

To this end, RSIL engages in academic research, policy analysis and capacity building in order to inform the discourse on issues of national and international importance from a legal perspective and effect positive change in the domestic legal space. As RSIL is a non-partisan, apolitical institution, our mandate is restricted to providing legal analysis on the challenges facing Pakistan without engaging in partisanship or expressing any political biases.


About Us

RSIL was formed in 1993 in Pakistan under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and today is the largest legal think-tank in Pakistan staffed by a dedicated team of highly qualified researchers based in offices in Islamabad and Lahore. The Society’s highly qualified research staff possess a broad spectrum of specializations in both international and domestic law. This enables the organization to undertake ground-breaking research aimed at innovative yet contextualized legal solutions for Pakistan.

The Society’s initiatives are geared towards enhancing policy formulation at the national level by improving the capacity of various stakeholders and conducting commissioned research as part of legal reform initiatives at both the Federal and Provincial levels. The Society also conducts independent research on international law issues of contemporary relevance to Pakistan.

RSIL’s specialty relates to carrying out public sector legal reform and capacity building projects. Our decades old experience and well qualified staff enables us to quickly identify lacunas and gaps in the law, allowing us to draft detailed legal reports with concrete proposals for reform. RSIL is nationally recognized today as a leading policy institution in Pakistan which has had a far-reaching impact on the development of law and policy relating to a broad range of contemporary challenges facing the country.



RSIL is a vehicle for the promotion of international law research and capacity building, of scholarship and publication, of dedication and community. It seeks to maintain its role as a private sector, non-partisan, non-political international law think tank promoting awareness of international law.

RSIL prides itself on being an environment that fosters the development of comprehensive and creative international law analysis and discussion. It aims to cultivate not only an appreciation for the application of international law, but also a disciplined approach to the process of interpreting and applying international law.

The Society also seeks to develop an extensive network both within and beyond Pakistan of similar organizations that share its vision and dedication to this field. It has a responsibility to advance knowledge in a search for the best applications of international law through original inquiry and publication.