The Research Society of International Law (RSIL), with support from the National FATF Secretariat (Government of Pakistan) and technical assistance from the American Bar Association, Rule of Law Initiative, is hosting an international conference on Pakistan’s implementation of the AML/CFT regime under the FATF Action Plan 2018-2022.

The conference will bring together key stakeholders from the Government of Pakistan as well as domestic and international experts to discuss the significant progress made by Pakistan in an effort to fulfill its international commitments in this domain. This endeavour looks beyond the technical compliance of Pakistan’s legal framework, and seeks to discuss improving the effectiveness of AML/CFT responses in criminal justice proceedings, and in light of global emerging trends. This event will consequently explore emerging risks, challenges, and opportunities in the AML/CFT realm such as the regulation of cryptocurrency and fintech, as well as the impact of the FATF regime on financial inclusion alongside criminal justice responses. It is hoped that this conference will create a dialogue that yields actionable recommendations across multiple disciplines to support the government in mitigating its AML/CFT risks in the long term.

Conference Brochure