Mary Hunter is a PhD Candidate at the University of St Andrews, researching the Islamisation of Pakistan under President Zia ul-Haq. As well as holding the post of Postgraduate Research Fellow at The Centre for Army Leadership, she regularly contributes opinion pieces to The News and commentary articles for the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research, largely on topics relating to Pakistan, its diaspora in the UK and issues such as Islamophobia and discrimination.

A Two-Tier System: Afghan and Ukrainian Arrivals in the UK

On the anniversary of the Fall of Kabul, Mary Hunter investigates the differential treatment by the UK government towards Ukrainian and Afghan refugees, with the former arriving in greater numbers more quickly and with more support, despite the fact that many Afghans are at risk because of direct British involvement in Afghanistan. She posits that this two-tier system and the greater urgency expressed by the British public rests upon a Eurocentric and colonial mindset, which prioritises Ukrainian lives above those of Afghans. Ultimately, she concludes that these disparities are unacceptable and that Afghans are equally as deserving of British support as Ukrainians.