The COVID-19 Law & Policy Challenge – Reforming the Global Health Law Regime in light of COVID-19

Download PDF The management of the novel coronavirus has raised key questions regarding the adequacy of the existing international health law regime in effectively countering an outbreak of this magnitude. The structure and operational failures of the World Health Organization (WHO) have been brought to the fore by Member States – with some countries withdrawing…

International Law Certification Course 2020

International Law Certification Course 2020 With almost three decades to the establishment of the Research Society of International Law, a foundational objective of the organization has been to promote an understanding of International Law amongst the young professionals and students in Pakistan. The aim has been to fill the gap within the existing legal education…

Explainer on The Line of Actual Control

Contrary to popular perception, international law is at the core of China-India recent standoff. China’s claim rests on the primacy of customary international law compared to the claim of India, which is based on succeeding rights from British India. Interestingly, India was not even privy to the agreements from which it derives succeeding claims. The…

Health v. Privacy in the Age of Cyber Surveillance

As States around the world struggle with rising figures of those infected with coronavirus, they are increasingly turning to cyber-surveillance. Increasingly, governments are investing in and rolling out smartphone apps to track citizens’ movements, trace locations and map outbreaks in a bid to tackle COVID-19. While not without its benefits, the proliferation of cyber surveillance raises important concerns regarding health rights and privacy of ordinary citizens.

The COVID-19 Law & Policy Challenge

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to create turmoil across the world, states are faced with an unprecedented policy challenge in addressing the pandemic. In order to play our part, RSIL has dedicated its resources to conducting extensive research on how Pakistan can cope in these uncertain circumstances from a law & policy perspective.