The Centre for Human Rights at RSIL is dedicated to conduct research on contemporary human rights issues, publish informational material and develop capacity to find innovative solutions to counter human rights issues in Pakistan. Through the Centre, RSIL aims to engage with lawyers, students, civil society members and members of the Government to understand and promote respect for human rights within Pakistan. 

The work of the Centre focuses on all aspects of human rights including Pakistan’s International Human Rights obligations and their implications within the domestic framework. It seeks to reconcile human rights standards enforced internationally, with human rights standards applicable in Pakistan and aims to produce in-depth research on various issues persistent in Pakistan. Through Articles, blog posts, informational videos and podcasts, the Centre aims to harness the years of experience RSIL has developed within this area of law. 

Our Work
The Right

Podcast series that explores issues related to human rights in Pakistan

Navigating the Digital

Explainer series on cybercrimes and digital safety in Pakistan

Women at Work

Explainer series on the problems faced by women at the workplace and the duties of employers to address these issues.

CHR Blog
Gender Based Violence