Executive Director

Jamal Aziz joined RSIL in December 2011 and has served as the Society’s Executive Director since March 2016. During this period, he has overseen the evolution of RSIL into an elite research body by instituting sound project management, office administration, human resource and capacity development policies. He has been instrumental in generating approximately PKR 225 million in revenue for the Society in the last 5 years, developing prestigious national and international institutional linkages and producing approximately 50 publications and conducting 80 specialized events at forums across the country.


Muhammad Oves Anwar serves as Director of the Conflict Law Centre (CLC) at RSIL, Islamabad. He is in-charge of designing and implementing all research in the areas of counter-terrorism, national security, and International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The CLC’s research serves to inform governmental and non-governmental entities in the development of policy and reform initiatives. The CLC also looks to enhance adherence to IHL principles domestically.

Deputy Director

Zainab Mustafa is a Deputy Director at RSIL’s Lahore office. Her areas of focus include criminal justice reform, counter-terrorism, human rights, urban violence, international humanitarian law, and private international law.