One of RSIL’s core functions is to enhance the capacity of members of the domestic and international policy making community. This includes, jurists, judges, legislators, bureaucrats, diplomats, and many others. From its formation. RSIL has consistently sought to educate the nation on the role that international law plays within a state’s legal framework.

Keeping in mind the organic expansion of RSIL, it became necessary for us to create a dedicated platform with a wide range of audiences who wish to receive training in areas of national and international importance.

To this end, in June 2016, Mr. Ahmer Bilal Soofi, President RSIL established a new division within RSIL, the ‘International Law Training Centre’ (ILTC). The primary objective of the ILTC is to improve the capacity of key actors in the Government, diplomatic, development and legal communities. A secondary but no less important goal is to conduct legal workshops, seminars, courses and trainings on national and international law for students, teachers, journalists and lawyers etc.

RSIL has access to accomplished trainers, both in-house and external consultants who have a vast variety of specialties and training styles. Additionally, the ILTC has a dedicated team managing its affairs, including logistics and other such details.

RSIL’s Islamabad Office has a purpose specific space in which to conduct trainings, workshops and smaller conferences. The Training Centre can accommodate up to thirty-five participants comfortably.

Since its inception, the ILTC has, thus far, organized and conducted several events which have met with utmost success. We at RSIL are confident that the ILTC will serve as a major platform in bringing about legal awareness; both in terms of international law and its impact on the Pakistani legal landscape.