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Volume 1

  • Feminism And The Practical Vs Legal State Of Women In Pakistan
    Saleha Tauqeer
  • Military Courts: An Affront To Human Rights
    Seemal Hameed
  • The Impact Of Devolution On Legislative Reform Relating To Law
    And Order In Pakistan
    Jamal Aziz & Minahil Khan
  • Failure Of R2P In Syria: Dual Dilemma Of “Invitation-Intervention”
    And “Responsibility-Interest”
    Awais Zahid Abbasi
  • Taking Non-Refoulement Seriously: Why The Extraterritoriality Of
    Article 33(1) Of The Refugee Convention Needs To Be Addressed
    Fatima Mehmood
  • Upholding The International Rule Of Law
    Hira Arif Riar

Volume 2

  • Drones: Targets, Civilians and Operators (Andrew G. Jones)
  • The Evolution and the Role of Individual Complaint Mechanisms in International Human Rights Law and the Status of Pakistan (Syed Muhammad Farrukh Bukhari)
  • The Role of Qisas and Diyaat in Facilitating Honor Killings (Shehreyar Khan)
  • Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights: A Review of the ATC Trial Procedure in Pakistan (Zainab Mustafa)
  • Deprivation of Liberty During Investigation, Preventive Detention and Internment (Minahil Khan)
  • Negotiations Between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir Issue (Mehak Mubin)
  • The WTO and its Failure to Create a Level Playing Field for Developed and Developing Nations (Zarmala Tashfeen)

Volume 1

  • Filling the Missing Gaps in the Indus Water Treaty
    Ahmer Bilal Soofi and Jamal Aziz
  • Addressing the Education Emergency: Obligations, Challenges and Solutions
    Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir
  • Lack of Due Process and Evidentiary Standards in Blasphemy Laws and their Inherent Incompatibility with International Human Rights Obligations
    Daanika Kamal
  • Exploring the Precedent for Human Rights in Sharia: A Reconciliation?
    Rana Adan Abid
  • Multinational Corporations and their Accountability under a Human Rights Framework
    Momna Taufeeq
  • Protecting Civilians During Violent Conflict: Challenges Faced by International Humanitarian Law
    Zainab Mustafa
  • The North-South Divide and the Ineffectiveness of International Environmental Law and Sustainable Development
    Neshmiya Adnan Khan
  • World Trade Organisation: Strengths and Weaknesses from the Perspective of Developing States
    Usama Malik