PORT’s vision lies in Pakistan’s legal integration with the international and contemporary trade mechanisms and best practices. PORT aims to achieve this through analysing conventions and treaties, both international and regional, and helping the policy makers, trade officials, traders and foreign investors in this regard.

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The Regional Integration Policy Forum focuses on Pakistan’s regional partners, more specifically, the persisting trade frameworks between them. Additionally, the relevant conventions and agreements pertaining to international trade law have also been explained alongside trade bodies and functions associated with them.

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The Trade Information Portal highlights the existing trade framework in Pakistan and the infrastructural linkages that assist in trade connectivity with regional countries. The How-To Portal will provide step-by-step procedures related to trade in Pakistan: from setting-up a company, to domestic framework on import/export of goods and services.

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The trade network provides an interactive visualization maps the major road networks in Pakistan, as well as connecting links with neighbouring countries. Hovering over different routes provides information such as the name, length and operational status. The user can also view major points of interest such as ports, border crossings and airports.

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