Project Overview

In 2018, RSIL in collaboration with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) spearheaded the initiative to enhance the capacity of justice sector actors and officials involved in anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing (AML/CTF) prosecutions in Pakistan. Developing the capacity of officials involved in AML/CTF regime is key to Pakistan’s Action Plan that has been devised in response to Pakistan being placed on FATF’s grey-list.

To achieve this goal, ABA ROLI and RSIL are pursuing two interrelated objectives:

  • Building the capacity of justice sector actors (JSAs) to investigate and prosecute terrorism financing cases, emphasizing coordination and information-sharing between investigators, prosecutors, and judges across federal and provincial levels; and
  • Developing the Government of Pakistan’s capacity to prosecute evidence-based cases of terrorist operatives, facilitators and networks, including foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), conducted in a rule of law framework and with respect for human rights.

Project Outcomes

RSIL has successfully developed a comprehensive training curriculum, (over a 400-page document) based on which the team will be conducting trainings for 240 Justice Sector Actors (JSAs) from all four provinces of Pakistan – including approximately 20 judges, 20 prosecutors and 20 investigators from each province.

RSIL in partnership with LAWGIC, also developed a tablet-based training tool ‘GatherSense’ digitizing theses training for the participants – allowing them to easily access quizzes and interactive training materials on the subject.

In Partnership with Sindh Judicial Academy, RSIL has already led 5 trainings that have targeted over 120 JSAs (100 judges and 20 prosecutors from Baluchistan). The remaining training workshops for investigators and prosecutors are scheduled to take place by the end of the year 2020.


September 2018—September 2020


  • Jamal Aziz
  • Oves Anwar
  • Zainab Mustafa
  • Hira Arif Riar
  • Noor Waheed
  • Noor Fatima
  • Shayan Ahmed
  • Abraze Aqil
  • Mohib Wazir


Project Partners:

Justice Sector Actors