Project Overview

Pakistani law enforcement agencies are currently facing one of the most complex challenges they have ever faced in the history of Pakistan. How should they maintain the rule of law amongst the population while combating terrorism? This is a matter that requires both the right tools and the right training.

It is with this in mind that RSIL in collaboration with the National Police Bureau (NPB) prepared a handbook for law enforcement in Pakistan. This guide contains all vital legal resources relating to law enforcement in Pakistan and presents them in a manner that is user-friendly for both law enforcement officials and individuals who wish to get an in-depth understanding in the area. The idea behind this guide is to ensure that law enforcement has the best tools to combat the grave issues they are face-to-face with on a daily basis.

RSIL was approached by the NPB to prepare a comprehensive guide for law enforcement personnel. Initially the guide was to contain bare police laws and procedure, however, through constant consultation between Mr. Ahmer Bilal Soofi and the NPB it was decided that the scope of the guide should be expanded to contain all relevant police statistics, legal abbreviations and police procedure.

The end result is a detailed and comprehensive document that is 327 pages long, contains 9 Chapters and 8 annexures. This includes the FIR process, investigation protocols, trial procedures, anti-terrorism laws and special laws relevant to the police. It also contains relevant sections of the Constitution of Pakistan and the Rules of Business. Lastly, the guide also contains specially prepared sections on the use of force by Law Enforcing Agencies, Preventive Detention and human rights obligations.

The Manual has been made for the benefit of all Police Stations in Pakistan. This initiative is demonstrative of the fact that the National Police Bureau is actively seeking to provide Pakistan’s front-line officers with the necessary legal resources to effectively perform their duties. This is an integral part of RSIL’s mission as well. RSIL is continuously striving to develop capacity whenever an opportunity presents itself and this guide has been prepared in furtherance of this goal.

Date:  4th December 2015

Team: Jamal Aziz, Oves Anwar, Saad Rehman Khan, Zarnab Aurakzai, Jahanzaib Durrani, Fahd Qaisrani, Imaan Hazir Mazari, Abid Rizvi

Project Partner: ICRC, Police Bureau

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