Project Overview

In 2023, CEI was awarded a grant under the Storytelling Initiative in collaboration with the Leadership & Learning for Sustainability Lab at McGill University and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada. The grant involved attending workshops on community podcasting and producing a podcast which centres the stories and voices of those on the frontlines of socio-environmental crises.

CEI’s podcast explored the stories of individuals in Pakistan approaching the courts to tackle climate inaction and protect people and the environment. This podcast delved into the Buddu and Bandal Islands case (Ahmed Shabbar and Others V/S Fed. of Pakistan and Others, Const. P. 5223/2020 [D.B.] Principal Seat Karachi) and involved interviews from petitioners Ahmad Shabbar and Yasir Hussain and grassroots activist Fatima Majeed.

This podcast was showcased at the 2023 Transformations Conference, along with podcasts from other organisations from across the world involved in this project. Maha Husain, Project Lead, spoke on a panel on “Community Podcasting from the Storytelling Initiative: A Gallery of Frontline Podcasts from Around the World” to share CEI’s experience working on the project.

Date 2023


  • Maha Husain
  • Ayesha Mushtaq

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