The Unlawful Annexation of Jammu & Kashmir: One Year on

A year has passed since India’s unlawful annexation of Jammu & Kashmir, a year of untold misery gratuitously inflicted on the Kashmiri people by Indian security forces. A key component of RSIL’s research since its inception in 1993 has been Kashmir and the plight of the Kashmiri people. Since the events of 5th August 2019, RSIL has redoubled its efforts to clarify and expound upon the legal, human rights, and humanitarian law aspects of the Kashmir issue. On the anniversary of India’s unlawful actions, we are sharing some of our publications on this issue.

Legal Memorandum on the Status of Jammu & Kashmir under International Law: The Law of Occupation & Illegal Annexation

Within ten days of India’s unlawful annexation of Jammu & Kashmir, RSIL published a ‘Legal Memorandum on the Status of Jammu & Kashmir under International Law’. The memorandum explained how the Indian State was an ‘Occupying Power’ over territory under its effective control under International Law. This classification made it subject to the Law of Armed Conflict – International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The memorandum then discussed the IHL obligations on India as an Occupying Power and enumerated several examples of Indian violations amounting to War Crimes. The document also discussed the International Law prohibition on annexing occupied territory and the potential ramifications of such a move.

Kashmir under Siege: An International Law Perspective

This blog by RSIL’s Conflict Law Centre explains how Kashmir was put under siege by Indian state forces especially after 5th August 2019. The paper discusses the legal implications flowing from sieges and provides examples from recent history.

The Coronavirus in Indian-Occupied Kashmir

This article looks at the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and the obligations upon India as an Occupying Power to ensure measures are taken to contain the spread of the disease. The article raises concerns regarding the spread of the disease and the severe repression taking place by Indian forces to suppress popular protests against Indian annexation of the territory.

India Criticizes India

A compilation of legal articles by Indian scholars and constitutional experts which highlight the blatant violations of the Indian Constitution committed by the BJP Government when removing Jammu & Kashmir’s special status.