Mr. Aimal Amjad Quraishi

Research Associate


Note: This is the biography page of a former staff member and may not be current.

Mr. Aimal works as a Research Associate at RSIL’s Islamabad office. His research interests include human rights, counter-terrorism, environmental law, investment law and international dispute resolution. He received his LLB from University of London and holds an LLM with a specialisation in international law from the Australian National University (ANU). In his role as a Research Associate, he conducts extensive research on areas of national and international importance with the aim of reforming Pakistan’s domestic legal framework.

Before joining RSIL, Mr. Aimal was practicing law in the District and High Courts of Pakistan. He has worked at reputable law firms like ABS & Co, Khan & Muezzin, and Lincoln’s Law Chamber. While practicing law, he gained experience working on multi-dimensional litigation, arbitration assignments, complex legal opinions and constitutional matters. He has represented the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) before various Civil Courts throughout Pakistan and possesses diverse experience in corporate advisory work.

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