Amna Warsi

Vice President


Ms. Amna Warsi currently serves as Vice-President of RSIL. She is also a Partner at ABS & Co. Head Office, situated in Lahore, Pakistan. She joined RSIL in 2005 after receiving her LL.M from the University of Punjab, Pakistan.

A practicing Advocate of High Court since 2003, Ms. Amna Warsi has appeared before the High Court, Criminal Court, Special Courts and Tribunals in matters related to enforcement of fundamental rights, customs, sales tax, income tax, contractual matters, SECP, anti-corruption establishment, white collar crimes, environment, de forestation, high rise building, and commercialization matters etc.

Ms. Amna provided legal input on the following: the Country Report of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540, on behalf of the Government of Pakistan; the update of Pakistan’s Country Report under the 1540 Committee in 2013; and on the UK sponsored UNSC resolution 1617 on Incitement for Terrorism.

She also contributed to Pakistan’s Country Report on FATF-Recommendation Asia Pacific Group 2005. Ms. Warsi represented the Government of Pakistan, as legal adviser, in the Diplomatic Conference on Space Protocol held in Berlin in 2012.

Ms. Warsi has provided legal input on the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention 1993 and on the Biological Weapons Convention 1972. Further, she has also provided input and assistance on the Draft Afghan Transit Trade Agreement and on counter-terrorism strategy.


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