Kamran Adil

Senior Criminal Justice Advisor


Mr. Kamran Adil is a Senior Criminal Justice Advisor at the Research Society of International Law. He is currently serving as Deputy Inspector General (Headquarters) Islamabad Police, where he is responsible for human resource management, legal affairs and prosecutorial matters of the ICT Police.

He received his early education from the prestigious Aitchison College and later progressed to study English Literature and Law. In 2009, he became a Chevening Commonwealth Scholar for the Bachelor of Civil Law from the University of Oxford. Mr. Adil secured 4th position in the Central Superior Services (CSS) all over Pakistan and excelled during his time at the National Police Academy. With a number of academic accolades to his name, Mr. Adil has been serving the Police since 2005. Over the course of his career he played a key role in several Police law reforms.

Mr. Kamran has previously served as the Head of the Legal Affairs Division of the Punjab Police as the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Legal Affairs Division and as the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Legal-Human Rights Cases in the Legal Affairs Division of the office of the Inspector General of Police, Punjab (2014-17). Alongside these staff and policy related positions, he served at different positions dealing with operations, investigations, training, and administration of the Punjab Police and the Islamabad Capital Territory Police. He has also been a Member of the Core Management Committee of the Pakistan Hajj Mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a temporary consulate assignment that included management, organizational, logistical and financial responsibilities in respect of Hujjaj (2016).

Mr. Adil has also had a notable legal career, appearing before the Supreme Court, High Court, the Services Tribunal and the Provincial Ombudsmen in cases concerning human rights, police establishments and the criminal justice system. Over the years Mr. Adil has led trainings for police officials, lawyers, business students and law students. He also has numerous publications accredited to his name including those on International Law, National legislative reforms, Business and Human Rights, Anti-terrorism laws and the Constitution.

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